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The impact of the 1990s in the beauty industry seems to endure. The most recent innovation? Frosted eye shadows (frosted effect). Brilliant and suitable for the winter season, they can be freely reinterpreted without restrictions.

How to customize frosted eye shadows according to it-girls

The tips come straight from the trendy it-girls and influencers. While Cardi B opts for a total look inspired by the frosted trend, from hair to nail tips, Hailey Bieber prefers a more subtle approach: sporting lilac shades on the eyelids or adding a warm touch to the finish, creating an unexpectedly eye-catching frosted effect.touch to the finish, creating an unexpectedly eye-catching frosted effect.


Hailey Bieber Frosted Look (Glamour)


Cardi B (XXL Mag)

From Gigi Hadid to Ariana Grande

Sydney Sweeney lovesfeline-style black eyeliner, Dua Lipa prefers a sheer look, Gigi Hadid brightens her makeup by combining shimmery eyeshadow with a delicate complexion and nude lips. Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld combines two trends of the season: bronze and frosted, creating a look that evokes the image of a snow queen. Ariana Grande and Dove Cameron also adopt the frosted look on their eyes, with Cameron opting for a touch of blue and a grunge aura. In short, the options are truly endless!


Dua Lipa Sheer look (Billboard)

Ariana Grande with frosted eyes (Byrdie)