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As revealed by Mintel’s forecaston trends that will affect the beauty industry over the next five years, consumers will stay away from flashy displays of beauty brands. Below, Clare Hennigan, senior analyst for global beauty and personal care at Mintel, provides an overview of key trends, of the strategies that brands should pursue in an ever-changing market and products that speak to the consumers of today and tomorrow.

Sophisticated simplicity

Epitomized by the wardrobe choices of the HBO series “Succession“quietluxury”has been a fashion buzzword this year. Hennigan believes this understated style, which he describes as a means to “subtly denote one’s class or social status through high-quality materials”, will have an impact on the beauty world, emphasizing the quality of packaging and materials.

Hennigan notes a general desire for simplified beauty routines with multipurpose products. The Magic Molecule brand The Magic Molecule brand represents the universal remedy for cuts, blemishes, burns and dryness. It includeshypochlorous acid, an ingredient that is at the heart of the brand’s bestselling SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray by the brandTower 28. Hennigan believes this ingredient is on the rise because it has a number of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The beauty spotlight is on on the effectiveness. There will be a greater emphasis on the molecular weight of the ingredients. An example are the Klavuu and ROMO brands which already emphasize molecular weight.

The texture an help brands highlight effectiveness. For example, the Strip Makeup brand make-up remover contains red micro bubbles that burst on the face upon application. Expanding innovation and eco-conscious practices will also play a prominent role.

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The conversation about effectiveness is extending to the relationship between beauty and wellness and the mind-body connection.“Consumers already understand the role their appearance has on their mood and vice versa,” says Hennigan. “However, the next phase will see pressure on brands to not only provide some of these products closer to wellness, but also validate these claims.””

The Biome Plus series from the brand Image Skincare contains ashwagandha in its formulations. There is also interest in products designed to block the production of cortisolcortisol, a hormone associated with stress. Peace & Pure’s Timeless Elixir Facial Serum uses a PhytoNeuron complex that claims to block the production of cortisol in the skin and promote skin rejuvenation and mental relaxation.


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Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the beauty industry by improving personalization, efficiency and effectiveness. The KIKI World brand created its latest product, the Pretty Nail Graffiti peel-off nail pen, by crowdsourcing ideas from its community, distributing digital tokens to participants in the crowdsourcing process, and producing the product using AI technology . The latest LAFCO brand room sprays were developed with an artificial intelligence algorithm that examined scent compounds to determine the right ones to incorporate. Hennigan says, “AI can really speed up the development process significantly.”

While 40% of American adults who have heard of AI think it will be mostly beneficial for society, there are some concerns About the impact of AI on the world. Brands must take into account the problems of privacy. Hennigan suggests brands be honest about how consumer data is treated and handled “to help reiterate to consumers that it cannot be linked to them or exactly how they are being used


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