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The Barbiecore phenomenonis undoubtedly the trend of the moment, driven by the recent film starring Margot Robbie as Barbie. SSocial media is abuzz with this look inspired by the iconic Barbie, feminine and always fashionable.

Makeup plays a key role for this trend: lively, cheerful, with lots of brightness and pop and pastel shades. Pink is the dominant color, from bright shades to pastel tones such as light blue, often applied all over the eyelid.

A great new feature is the limited edition of the Barbie-inspired makeup collection launched by Nyx Professional, featuring eye palettes in pop colors and pastel shades,lush and highlighters, pink and blue pencils, and lip products in pink shades, together with the inevitable false eyelashes. The playful and fun collection is based on limited editions with colorful and lively packaging, a reference to the time when as children we played with Barbie and her pink accessories.

Credits to Vogue

Here are some essentials for a Barbiecore makeup:

Barbiecore makeup: The main features

Here are some distinctive features of the Barbiecore makeup: it starts with the blush, which must be pink and rather intense. You can opt for a matte finish or a shinier consistency.

The eyeshadow, in shades of pink, blue or pastel colours, should be applied to the eyelid: mascara is a must, as Barbie has bright eyes that should be highlighted in color and shape. The goal is to attract attention, so you can opt for the application of false eyelashes.



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Pink everywhere

Barbiecore makeup is characterized by the use of color. Coordinating pink on the eyelids and lips is ideal for integrating this trend into your daily look. The Barbie aesthetic can be completed with pink nail polish for an even more dramatic effect.

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Here are three must-have products inspired by the Barbiecore trend:


Barbie On The Go Eye Palette It’s a Barbie party Myx Professional Makeup.

A colorful limited edition palette, created by NYX Professional Makeup. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and colorful for a complete and luminous eye makeup.

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Barbie Mini Cheek Palette Nyx Professional Makeup

The perfect recipe for Barbiecore-style make-up. The fun packaging is obviously Barbie-inspired, and contains matte and glitter shades for perfect cheeks.

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Barbie Jumbo Eye Kit Nyx Professional Makeup

Two pencils, one pink and one blue, easy to use for Barbiecore-style eye make-up. Stylish and trendy, they can be applied on the eyelid with an effect that can be modulated as needed.

Credits to Cosmopolitan