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HBO’s new signature TV series starring Lily-Rose DeppandThe Weeknd has become one of the most-watched of the year, and the beauty looks have played their part, adding a touch of character to the main actors.

The aesthetic connection between ‘Euphoria’ and ‘The Idol’: Makeup plays its part

When Sam Levinson akes over the camera, you get controversial,sometimes scandalous TV series and exceptional makeup. This combination made Euphoria,the HBO series starring Zendaya,, Sydney Sweeney and Hunter Schafer, famous and the new series “The Idol” had the same effect

This time the main characters are Lily-Rose Depp and Abel “The Weekend” Tesfayeportrayed in a complex relationship linked to music, sex, ambition and destruction. Jocelyn is in fact played by the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. She is a pop star with a problematic and tangled life. Although surrounded by glamorous dresses and bold makeup, the portrayal of her is deeply melancholy.



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These characteristics, shared with the characters in Euphoria, are not the only link between the twoTV series and their director. Makeup artist Kristen Coleman explained to E! News how the beauty theme unites the two HBO productions: “The glitter, the geometric elements and the details that we saw in some moments of Euphoria are also present here”, says the make-up artist, who contributed to the first season of the series , winner of 9 Emmy Awards. Lily-Rose Depp’s character fully embodies this audacity, especially when she transforms into a pop star.



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Jocely’s Mask in ‘The Idol’: Between Optical Illusions and Subtle Emotions

Makeup represents a real weapon the protagonist of The Idol. Behind her graphic eyeliner and false eyelashes, lies the true essence of the “American Dream.” Makeup becomes a means to take on a different identity, adding the strength needed to embody the bold pop star everyone expects.



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It is precisely the current trends, popular on TikTok and Instagram, that inspire the makeup in the series, with optical illusions and chromatic elements, similar to those that made Euphoria famous. However, unlike the latter, The Idol presents itself as a more mature and sophisticated series. For this reason, Kristen Coleman opted for a more natural beautyavoiding excessive glitter or three-dimensional gems. “The intent is to highlight the character emotions and ensure that the makeup reflects the ongoing story,” explained the make-up artist regarding the more discreet makeup used for the protagonist. “Jocelyn has experiences that push her to change and adapt the way she looks, I believe the subtle portrayal of emotions will reach the audience.”


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