Credits to beautymatter

The cosmetics brand NYX Professional Makeup has launched its“Game Out Loud” campaign to raise awareness of anti-LGBTQIA bullying online, which involves nearly 90 % of LGBTQIA players in harassment regarding their sexual identity. NYX created the“Game Out Loud” campaign in order to address this issue and created safe spaces both in the metaverse and in real life. The campaign provides a place free of conflict, criticism, judgment or threatening actions.


The campaign involves five LGBTQIA talents expressing their passion through makeup artistry that reflects their favorite games. At the House of NYX Professional Makeup in iHeartland on Roblox (a gaming platform in the metaverse), players will be able to interact with non-player characters who will motivate visitors to participate in the LGBTQIA-centered educational initiative. Once the player will engage, they will later receive a badge that their avatar can wear around iHeartland. In addition, users will have access to a new range of exclusive virtual products inspired by the brands Proud Allies for All program. On Twitch, NYX Professional Makeup will partner with LGBTQIA players who will conduct a series of live streams focused on education and awareness for the allies.


The Pride Campaign “Game Out Loud” features the gamer and content creator Lilly Teel, in an artistic look inspired by her favorite game to be streamed along with her personal avatar.