Credits to Milano Fashion Week

The world of fashion never sleeps, and as the Fashion Week (Autumn Winter) 2024 collections graced the runways of London, Milan, and Paris, makeup and beauty enthusiasts were treated to a visual feast of trends that are set to dominate the beauty scene in the coming months. From smooth and sleek hairstyles to cozy teddy bear braid buns, the beauty looks were nothing short of mesmerizing.

One standout trend that stole the spotlight was the reimagined eye makeup looks showcased by lead makeup artists across the fashion capitals. For the Autumn Winter 2024 beauty look, creativity knows no bounds as eye color placement took center stage. The transformative silhouettes seen on the runways inspired makeup artists to experiment with bold yet sophisticated eye makeup.

Using Satin Kajal Liner in a dove-white shade and Eye Wear in a vivid matte orange hue, makeup artists created a prismatic effect that was both soft and strong. The contrast between the light and bright shades brought a sense of depth and dimension to the eyes, perfectly complementing the avant-garde designs of the collections. This innovative approach to eye makeup struck a balance between femininity and utilitarianism, resulting in a look that is both wearable and statement-making.


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In addition to striking eye makeup, hair took on a sleek and polished appearance, mirroring the chic aesthetic seen on the runways. Smooth and shiny locks were styled into sophisticated updos, with teddy bear braid buns emerging as a playful yet elegant hair trend. This whimsical hairstyle added a touch of charm to the overall look, perfectly juxtaposing the sleekness of the makeup.


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Hyper-nude skin took center stage with makeup artists emphasizing a very modern nude face. This minimalist approach to makeup was exemplified by bare skin paired with a subtle pop of nude on the lips. The key to the hyper-nude look lies in seamlessly blending skincare and makeup to create a natural yet polished appearance. With fresh and minimalistic skin stealing the spotlight, the focus was on enhancing natural beauty rather than masking it with heavy makeup.


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Overall, the makeup and beauty highlights from London, Milan, and Paris FW 2024 epitomized sophistication and creativity. From innovative eye makeup looks to sleek hairstyles, the beauty trends showcased on the runways are sure to inspire beauty enthusiasts to embrace their individuality and experiment with new looks. With each season, the world of beauty continues to evolve, and the Autumn Winter 2024 collections have set the bar high for what’s to come.