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Dove Fights for Self-Esteem: ‘Cost of Beauty’ Campaign and Commitment to Online Safety

On April 12, the latest advertising campaign of Dove, entitled. Cost of Beauty, a short film whose powerful and touching content is derived from real testimonies and portrays the lives of young people whose perception of the body is influenced by the social media.

The video is part of a project broader project aimed at promotingself-esteem education through dialogue and family, specifically targeting children and teenagers during a delicate stage of physical growth and personality formation. At this stage, the External influences can easily be perceived as criticism or judgment: parents and institutions are key figures for mental and physical well-being during this developmental journey.


Dove: cost of beauty campaign

Dove emphasizes the importance of family dialogue and encourages parents to explore videos and content on social media with their children, developing a critical sense To distance themselves from harmful messages. In addition, in collaboration with Common Sense Mediaand Parents Together Action, Dove launched the Kids Online Safety Act petition, to promote legislative changes to ensure greater safety for children on social media.

Dove’s Journey Through Beauty: Reflections and Four-Handed Collaboration.

“Cost of beauty” is just one of many campaigns Dove has decided to undertake in recent years. Below is a timeline with the most memorable campaigns of the brand since 2004:

2004: Dove breaks the mold of advertising in beauty with campaign “Real Beauty” and begins its journey as a drive purpose brand to “make accessible To every woman a positive experience of beauty.” In the first phase of the “Real Beauty” campaign,the brand kicks off a global discussion on the concept of beauty through “Tik Box billboards.”

2005: The second and most iconic phase of “Real Beauty” gets underway: the stars of the billboards and advertisements are 6 women royalty of different ethnicities, shapes and ages. The goal is to debunk the stereotype of perfect beauty.

Dove focuses on teenagers and starts a new project, which is still ongoing: Dove Movement for Self-Esteem with the goal of supporting all girls who develop low self-esteem due to excessive preoccupation with their appearance. The launch is through the “True Colors” video during the Super Bowl.

Dove explores the feminine world and enhances its beauty in every age. Inaugurating the new phase of the “Real Beauty” campaign through the celebration of the essence of women 50+ with the new Pro-Age line, with photographs by Annie Leibowitz and a new commercial.

The “Real Beauty Sketches” delved into the perceptions, exploring how women see themselves and how others see them. In the first month, the video was shared 3.74 million times (one share every 30 seconds).


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2021: The central theme is the social, filters, and image distortion: campaign. “Reverse Selfie” carried out against digital distortion.

These represent some of the most significant stages, for 19 years Dove has been communicating education about beauty without labels and constraints, while maintaining an effective narrative thread.